Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Choice Neighborhood Planning + Action grant impact me?

The Choice Neighborhoods Planning + Action grant is a community and monetary investment in the revitalization of the Southside Terrace – Indian Hill neighborhood.

Partners are reaching out to residents to gain feedback on upcoming changes in a variety of ways, including meetings, events, surveys, and more. Utilizing this feedback, improvements big and small will occur throughout the area over the next few years. For residents, this means your feedback is incredibly important to help guide what improvements should be made and what amenities you wish to expand.

Residents may also experience the impact of new projects in the area such as construction, changes to infrastructure, and additional neighborhood amenities. While actively working to keep interruptions to daily life low, some temporary disruptions are possible.

When will Action Activity Projects start?

Smaller “Doing While Planning” activities will start in the spring of 2021. Bigger, “Action Activities,” will begin in 2022. Visiting the CNP website often will help you stay updated on project timelines.

What will the Action Activities look like?

The “Doing while Planning” and “Action Activities” have not been selected. They will be, during the Transformation Plan planning process. In other cities across the country, Doing while Planning and Action Activities included improvements to vacant property and existing buildings, community art projects, streetscaping, park improvements, and neighborhood Wi-Fi infrastructure.

When will the project end?

We have until Spring of 2023 to complete the Action Activities. However, this does not mean the investment and revitalization efforts for the neighborhood and surrounding area will end! Partners will continue to work with the community to implement the Transformation Plan.

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