The Process



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The CNP Grant was awarded in September.

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A variety of community engagement efforts began in the spring and will continue throughout the process.

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Using feedback from our community engagement, the visioning process begins.

A draft of the Transformation Plan will be created during the summer.

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The draft Transformation Plan is presented to the community, for review and edits.

The Transformation Plan will then be submitted to HUD in the fall.

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Action Activity improvements will begin.

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Action Activities will be completed by the spring.

Community Engagement

Spring 2020 – 2022

The CNP Steering Committee is working with our Engagement Team partners – Heartland Workers Center, The Simple Foundation, Spark CDI, and Omaha by Design – to ensure our community engagement is meaningful and authentic. Some engagement opportunities include socially distant in-person or virtual meetings, neighborhood surveys, needs assessments, small group meetings, and other strategies. The Transformation Plan will address a wide range of focus areas, including:

  • Arts + Culture
  • Civic Engagement 
  • Education
  • Health
  • Neighborhood + Housing 
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Workforce Development

To stay updated on current events, please visit our News + Events. For opportunities to get involved Contact Us directly! 

CNP Steering committee member presenting information about community engagement with our engagement team and partners
CNP Steering committee gathered in a conference room, going the visioning plan for South Omaha


Spring 2021 – Summer 2021

All of the feedback collected will be compiled and synthesized into specific goals and an overall vision for the area. The Steering Committee and Stakeholder Committee with draft these statements and then residents and other stakeholder will be asked to provide input and feedback to ensure the goals and vision reflects the vision and aspirations of the community.

Doing While Planning

Spring 2021

Why wait? We have been listening to your feedback and there is a strong desire to start implementing improvements to the neighborhood as soon as possible. We have funds to start “Doing While Planning”. In order to utilize these funds, the improvement must be used for community development or economic development projects that enhance and accelerate the transformation of the neighborhood.

Doing While Planning activities in other cities across the country include improvements to vacant property and existing buildings, community art projects, streetscaping, park improvements, and neighborhood Wi-Fi infrastructure. As this process is fluid and ongoing, we welcome all your creative and innovative ideas!

CNP members meeting on site to do planning activities before work in earnest starts
Topographical map indicating the borders of CNP project site. South 36th Street to South 27th Street to Y Street

Drafting Plans

Spring 2021 – Summer 2021

As the vision and goals are coming together, engagement will continue as the Transformation Plan is drafted. The draft Transformation Plan will be presented and available to the community for additional review and feedback. The draft Transformation Plan is due to HUD in the summer of 2021.

Transformation Plan Completed

Fall 2021

After submission to HUD in the summer, the final Transformation Plan will incorporate their comments, and any additional community feedback, for final submission to HUD in the fall of 2021.

A rendering of Southside Terrace as seen from above
A group of community members participating in painting giant murals on the side of a brick building

Action Activity

2022 – Spring 2023

Your input will directly influence how grant money is utilized for one or more physical improvements, which must respond directly to the needs of the community, known as “Action Activities.”

Using the Transformation Plan and community feedback as a guide, one (or more) physical improvements in the neighborhood will be selected for immediate implementation. Project execution is scheduled for the winter of 2022 and work must be complete by the spring of 2023.


Date TBD

The Transformation Plan is only as valuable as its implementation. The Transformation Plan will outline how to create meaningful change in the neighborhood. The plan will help us identify partner’s roles, funding opportunities, and a timeline.

A group of stakeholders walking into a row house for an implementation meeting