Beginning in February, office hours will be available for neighborhood and Southside Terrace residents to chat with CNP staff, become involved in the planning process, and give feedback. Introducing the new CNP satellite office to the community came with an outdoor Valentine’s Day twist. To help spread the word, our CNP Steering Committee hosted a grab-and-go valentine event where residents had the opportunity to share suggestions and vote for Early Action Activities – projects that may begin while planning is ongoing.

Over 100 elementary students and adults stopped by the CNP satellite office to pick up a valentine and cast their vote. Some of the Early Action Activity examples included crosswalks, improved bus stops, and reduced trash. Of all the options available, the top priorities were free community WiFi, park improvements, public art, and a community garden.

When asked what projects should be prioritized, one resident indicated crosswalks were at the top of his list as his daughter crosses 30th street regularly to get to school. He felt more could be done to make these intersections safer, especially for young students. While the cold weather kept conversations quick, our team had the opportunity to gather critical feedback about everyday experiences to help determine which early projects will have the greatest impact – all while spreading a little Valentine’s Day love.

The Valentine’s Day Engagement Report can be found here.